Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BILL WEEKS 1914-2008


I just came back from the service for Bill Weeks in Premont, Texas. For those of you who knew "MR BILL" or hunted with him,  you know that we have lost an icon of quail hunting in South Texas. For those of you that didn't know him, you have missed a legend.

Well before all bird dogs were outfitted with shock collars, and GPS positioning devices and guides were expected to show up in $60,000 hunting rigs with 25 dogs aboard, Bill took many lucky people on quail hunts they will never forget. He did it the old fashion way: an old truck, one or two old dogs and a lot of colorful stories.

 He trained dogs in his own way  (Ouch!), and he had some great ones over the years. Just ask Suzanne Nelms about Annie. She still claims Annie was the best dog she ever hunted over. Could run all day..... and usually had too.

Was Bill the first man to take an axe to the side of a pick up and create the prototype of the South Texas hunting wagon in 1955? Maybe. 

Did he try to instill his love of the outdoors, dogs and quail hunting in everyone he came in contact with? Definitely.

Did that old shotgun of his really kill more ***s than birds? Let's not get into that now.

We will miss you, Mr. Bill.


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