Thursday, June 12, 2008


I really like novels. Unfortunately, if you demand a certain standard of writing, it's hard to find many good ones these days. Most books on the best seller list aren't doing it for me. They are too obvious or not well written enough for a grumpy old English major with high literary standards. Of the many novels I read in a year, only a handful end up passing my test. This is my book of year thus far.

This book has gotten some very good reviews. Although not that familiar with Andre Dubus, I was looking forward to reading it. If you have read anything about the book, you are probably thinking: "Why do I  want to read a book about strippers and terrorists?" Well, this book is about a lot more than that.

 Set in Florida in  the week before 9/11, it weaves the stories of several characters in a very clever, page turning plot. Once I started, I literally could not put it down. Somehow Dubus, working with a motley cast of characters, creates a gripping narrative that speaks to the topics of sex, parenthood, marriage and honor. Hard to describe, but very well written. 

If you are looking for that no-brainer summer read for the beach, this may not be your book. If you are looking for a well written novel that will challenge and move you, look no further. 

Check it out!


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