Thursday, July 24, 2008


People who own or live on ranches in South Texas tend to be a little out of step with people in the rest of the country. It is still a lot less civilized in this part of the world. That almost mandatory "Politically Correct" BullSh**t hasn't taken hold around here. Blame it on living in the brush country, the Mexican food, or the beer. We are different.

I am thinking about this because for the last two days I have been praying for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Dolly to come straight to Hebbronville. Is it normal to want a giant storm to go right over your ranch house? In South Texas it sure is, because it is all about the rain. Getting 10-15 inches of rain this time of year is like having hundred dollar bills falling from the sky. The grass will grow tall, the tanks will be full, the cows will get fat, and there will be a covey of quail under every mesquite tree this winter.

Do I care if the roof blew off the lab kennels and the shed is now on the other side of the railroad tracks? Not a bit. All I can think about is this wonderful rain and all the good it will do for the country and the wildlife. It's a beautiful thing.

Hunters, you better start making your plans. It is going to be a great season.

FYI: We have gotten about 12 inches and it is still raining.

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  1. You almost sound like a politician offering us quail-hunting-lovers a covey under every mott. How appropriate in an election year and probably more realistic than, like a certain presidential candidate, saying you'll make the waters recede and heal the world.
    Livin' the dream in South Texas.