Tuesday, September 9, 2008


In an effort to keep writing about modern music, here is a post about a new artist I really like. My good wife claims that I never listen to anything recorded after 1975. For the most part, she is right (about everything), but there are a few exceptions: new Dylan albums, Robert Earl Keen and a few others. 

Recently, I found somebody new I really like. His name is Sam Baker. Before you read any further, if you like Toby Keith, Big & Rich or Sugarland, hit delete now. This guy is not for you.

Sam Baker is a talented singer songwriter who lives in Austin, Texas. He has a very interesting personal history. Sam was traveling in Peru in 1986 on a train that was bombed by radicals. He was very badly hurt and lost some of his hearing and part of the fingers on one hand. After a series of operations and rehabilitation, he was able to play again.

Sam sings with a gruff, almost spoken word voice. His songs are simple, yet filled with stories of people who reflect a wide range of real life experiences. Part Townes Van Zandt with a little Robert Earl Keen mixed with John Prine, the songs have great words and images. With minimal guitar backing, he tells great stories with very few words. It is unlike anything I have ever heard before. 

If you are ready for something different and exciting, pick up Pretty World. Available at Amazon and on iTunes. 


  1. Thanks for the rec.

    Great blog!

  2. Dude - I couldn't stop listening to this album. If you haven't heard his first album, Mercy, you gotta get it. I think it's even a little better than Pretty World. The song Pony! Nobody needs to ever write a love song after hearing this.

    Might I recommend James McMurtry for your musical taste..... Get past his leftist politics and it is some great music...

  3. I will pick up the first Baker album. Thanks for reading my blog.
    Check out post from May 30 for a review of McMurtry's latest. I agree: not too big on his political bent ( we don't need him to tell us Cheney is a dick) , but the dark observations in many of the songs are brilliant. How about that Choctaw Bingo?? Only Bob Dylan can get that many words in one song. "Sister Twister" indeed indeed.