Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 American Music Awards

My brothers and I were at the ranch last Sunday night. While waiting for Entourage and some other decent shows to come on the tube, we watched part of the American Music Awards. As soon as it started, Peter said: "I bet none of these people are on your iPod." Boy, was he right. 

I know I sound like a dinosaur, but these acts don't have any connection to the music in my life. The American public needs to get an upgrade in the taste department if this is what they think is good music. It appears to me that American Idol has brainwashed the voters.

I don't have much of  an opinion about most of the award winners, because I just don't listen to that kind of music. In fact, I had never heard of Chris Brown before watching the show. Alicia Keys and Rihanna......can't even tell them apart.

I do have an opinion about the country music winners. In the words of my old friend Bob "Trash" Coffin: "I hate shit like that." This music is not country. It is something that Nashville and American Idol have cooked up and served to the American public.

 Taylor Swift wins favorite female country artist. If this is the best Nashville has to offer, I quit. Her music is prefab, high school, American Idol crap. If you want to hear two female singers that have real talent, check out Kathleen Edwards or Kelly Willis.

Carrie Underwood's Carnival Ride is the favorite country album of the year. What is that all about? Another American Idol mannequin wins!

Rascal Flatts wins favorite band. I like what Mojo Nixon has to say about them on his show. It involves them sucking a certain part of a donkey's anatomy. He won't play them on Outlaw Country for a reason. They don't play real country music. Listen to Merle Haggard if you want to hear the real thing.

What's with Kayne West? What has he ever done besides look good? Oh yea, produce some rap acts. He says he wants to be remembered like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Elvis. Those people had real talent. They wrote great songs and played music that will be remembered 100 years from now. Kayne will be lucky to be a footnote in a few years. Let me write about some of Kayne's big hits..... What are they again?

You know it is a bad night when Brad Paisley, who wins favorite male artist, is the best thing on the show. He can actually play some pretty decent guitar Having said that, I just saw his music video of Start a Band with Keith Urban. It has a live part where they stand together and finger each other's guitar. Guys, that is so GAY. I am embarrassed for both of you.

Well, there you have it.

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  1. Good rant. The Brad Paisley/Keith Urban thing is horrifying.