Monday, February 9, 2009


I watched part of the Grammy show on Sunday night. I will spare you most of my usual rant, but I have to say there is nothing I like about watching Carrie Underwear try to sing. Even worse is watching those two teen nitwits sitting on stools singing about being 15 years old. I hate sh*t like that. The only good part of the show was Sir Paul rocking out. He was the best of the live music by far. How about that face lift? Get the name of his surgeon.

Speaking of Sir Paul and that band he started (If you think I'm talking about Wings, press delete now), I have been thinking about a great song that was released in the year before the British Invasion. That song is The End of the World by Skeeter Davis.

 Early in 1963, The End of the World was all over the radio. In fact, it got to number 2 on both the country and pop charts.  Although I didn't know it at the time, that was unusual for a country singer like Skeeter. In those days there wasn't a lot of crossover between those two types of music. Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee were able to do it, but it was rare event.

Mary Francis Penick (Skeeter Davis) was born in Dry Ridge, Kentucky in 1931. She had some early success as part of a country duo with Betty Jack Davis called The Davis Sisters. In 1953, they had a number 1 country hit with  I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know, which was even covered by Bob Dylan on his 1970 disaster Self Portrait. Shortly after the release of the record, the Davis Sisters were involved in a car accident that killed Betty Jack and left Skeeter seriously injured.

From there, Skeeter worked with Chet Adkins and RCA Records and recorded several solo records that made the country charts. Her biggest hit and signature song was The End of the World. It is a great song of teen love and loss that sounds as good today as it did 46 years ago.

Skeeter had an active music career for many years. She wrote several country hits and recorded many songs including several with Bobby Bare. She even recorded an album called Skeeter Davis Sings Buddy Holly

The End of the World is available from iTunes. Add it to your playlist.


  1. I happened to see Skeeter perform at the Grand Ole Opry several years wasn't the Ryman, but pretty lucky catch anyway....REK in Kansas City....I hope it was a private party or I really missed a great chance to catch the show. Any news on a new REK release? What is your take on the new REK tribute cd Undone....I find myself wanting to hear the originals, but maybe I need to give more of a listen...once more..great blog

  2. Hey Double E, nice to hear from you and thanks for tuning in. The show in KC was a private, so don't kick yourself. The new album is in the can and I can tell you that I have heard a number of the songs live that are going to be on it. The new songs are very good from a song writing point of view. Some of REK's best in a long time. Reportedly, the album was recorded live in the studio for the most part and has a "fuller" sound than usual. Was not that excited about the Undone thing. Originals are a lot better. Liked hearing Cleveland which I have heard live as well. Good song.
    Cheers, Will