Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guitar Whispering: Robert Earl Keen

I really enjoyed this article from The New Yorker about Robert Earl Keen. It is well written and really captures Robert's personality and sly wit. I am happy that the new album, The Rose Hotel, has been very well received by critics and fans. It is nice to see Robert getting the kind of recognition he deserves.

Robert has been busy the last two months. After attending the Malta bird hunt and reverse wine tasting with notables such as Tequila Bob and Perry S., he went out on tour with Todd Snider and Bruce Robison. The tour was a departure for Robert. He left the band at home to play solo with these two great songwriters. It was REK unplugged, if you will.

Although I didn't see the show myself, I have gotten several reports. Tony from Freer said the show in Wilmington was excellent. He did wonder why there wasn't a 4th stool on the stage. Wait for the show in Hebbronville, Bump. Scott F*g*n was in the audience at Town Hall in New York with some friends. He said: "The show was good."

After that show, Robert and the band were on Imus in the Morning. They played three songs including The Man Behind the Drums. The music sounded great and Imus was quite enthusiastic.

If you don't own The Rose Hotel, you need to pick it up. It is available on iTunes and from Amazon.