Saturday, August 16, 2008


In the words of the great Cliff Hoskins; "Shit God Damn!" I have been going to Dylan shows since 1974. I have seen the good, the bad and the (very) ugly. From the nadir of a show in Corpus Christi with the GE Smith band to high spots like Wallingford Ct in the summer before the release of Time Out of Mind, I have seen all kinds of shows. Last night at the MGM Theatre at Foxwoods was definitely one for the ages.

 First a few words about the MGM. After a liquid warm up at the bar of the Craftsteak across from the entrance to the theatre, yours truly and BobCat Numero Uno, Cro Ahern, strolled into the theatre. What a great venue. They have plush seats with plenty of leg room and even a cocktail waitress to help keep it rolling. A great place to see a show.

Settling down in row D dead center, we soon started to smell the incense and knew the show was starting soon. Shortly after nine, the lights went down and out came Bob and the boys. They immediately launched into a classic version of Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat. Having seen the set list from the last few night, we knew things were going to be different tonight. 

Next came Times They are a Changing, Things Have Changed and a beautiful, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. Bob was in good voice and the band was smoking. Bob's keyboards were high in the mix and he really was playing for all he was worth. He was leaning in to the keys and kicking his legs out with enthusiasm. He even took several solos on the keyboard. He also played great harp on many songs which added to our excitement. He has good wind for a guy who is 67. 

Denny Freeman's guitar licks were tasty all night.  He has really taken to Bob's material. His lead on All Along The Watchtower was outstanding. Stu Kimball is now back from rhythm guitar jail and got a few leads. Tony Garnier and George Recile were solid as always.

Other highlights included a gorgeous version of I Believe in You, a song I have never heard live. Perhaps it was in honor of the great Jerry Wexler, the producer of Slow Train, who died yesterday. 

There was also the Just Like a Woman audience participation sing along. We were all singing the chorus with Bob coming in a few beats behind. A great moment.

Although at times Bob looked like Gumby in Western attire, he played his ass off. His singing was awesome and it was a great show. I am still excited about seeing it. If the Never Ending Tour comes to your town, don't miss it.


  1. thanks for the great post..i am getting pumped to see show in las vegas, you're helping me along.....i'm a listenin' to "went to see the gypsy" hehe !! peace.... hal

  2. thanks hal. If you are in Vegas, "Went To See The Gypsy" is the song to be playing. Hope it is the Al Kooper version with the great piano.
    Thanks for tuning into my blog.

  3. that would be the one i'm a listenin' to...heard it for the first time, just the other day, on (yo) bob played guitar tonight at show indiana, which he has not done since hoping he will hold on to it for another week.....hallelujah, i'm ready ..Hal

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