Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When I lived in Boston in the early 70's, there were two local blues bands that were really good. One was the James Montgomery Band, which was the personal favorite of Mike Martenec (aka The Maniac). The other was the J. Geils Band, which went on to have a large national following. The lead singer and front man for that band was Peter Wolf.

Peter Wolf was originally a DJ on the best Boston radio station of the day, WBCN. He joined the J. Geils Band in 1967. They had a lot of recording success, and were also a great live act because of Wolf's singing and energetic stage presence.

 In 1983, Peter left that band for a solo career. His best solo album is the 2002 effort Sleepless. Produced by former Bob Dylan sideman Larry Campbell, it features Wolf's excellent song writing and vocal talents. The record also includes contributions from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Nice help if you can get it.

 The album has a number of Wolf originals that show a lot of Dylan influence. It also contains rhythm and blues covers that suite his style well. The band creates a Atlantic Records sound that works well with Wolf's vocals. I particularly like Five O'clock Angel and A Lot of Good Ones Gone. 

Although it received good reviews on release from Rolling Stone, the album mostly slipped through the cracks as far as the public was concerned. I think it is an over looked gem. 

Sleepless is available at Amazon or on iTunes. Add it to you playlist.


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