Monday, April 6, 2009


Starting in the 1960's, Rolling Stone was like the bible to most music fans. Every issue reported on the music and artists that became my musical education. In those dark days before the internet, Rolling Stone was the only good source of information about music and 60's culture.

As the years went on, I began to feel less connected as a reader. The new music they covered did not interest me and the Bush bashing, anti-republican editorial stance got pretty old. The switch to the new format seemed like the last straw and I don't think I have read an issue in quite a while.

Yesterday at the airport, I saw that the current issue featured an article on Kris Kristofferson. As I have mentioned on this this blog many times, I have always been a huge fan of his songwriting, so I decided to buy it. The article, written by Ethan Hawke, is a very well written tribute to one of the best songwriters who has ever lived. Anyone who likes Kristofferson and his music should read it. Kris has lived a very colorful, amazing life which is captured nicely in this article.

The article begins with an exchange between Kris and Toby Keith backstage at the tribute concert for Willie Nelson's 70th birthday in 2003. If you have been reading my blog, you know I can't stand anything about Toby Keith or his music. In my world, if Kris represents everything that is honest and good about country music, then Toby represents everything that is wrong with the music coming out of Nashville today.

As reported in this Rolling Stone, Toby starts mouthing off to Kris backstage before the show. With the whole music world within earshot, Kris cuts him to the bone. You need to read the article for this alone.

After his exchange with Keith, Kris says: "You know what Waylon Jennings said about guys like him? They're doin to country music what pantyhose did to finger-fuckin."


  1. And it's ALL A LIE. Kris and Toby BOTH said it was a lie. Funny how people lie to try to get ahead in the world of journalism (gag).

  2. Even if it isn't true, Toby Keith still sucks and Waylon isn't around to take what he said back.

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  4. Will Vogt, you are so cool.