Friday, April 10, 2009


Writing the April 4th post about humorous country songs made me think about Todd Snider. I was not familiar with Todd or his music until I heard him on XM Satellite Radio about 5 years ago. As I was driving into Hebbronville one morning, he was live in the studio playing and talking. I really liked what I heard that day.

He really got my attention when he played Beer Run. If you are not familiar with the song, it is one of the funniest tunes you will ever hear. Snider totally captures the essence of the Robert Earl Keen fan with very humorous results. Give it a listen:
When I got back to Corpus, I asked local music fan Scott F*g*n if he had ever heard of Todd Snider. "He is very good," was the reply from Scott. I immediately bought Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live, which is a great live CD. It captures all the cleverness of his songwriting and his rapport with a live audience. I recommend it highly if you are not familiar with Todd's work. It is available at iTunes and from Amazon.

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  1. Surely I said something more profound than that! Did I say it with a Patrick Star accent?

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