Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paul Butterfield on To Tell The Truth

It is a trip to see the great Paul Butterfield interacting with these vintage television personalities on To Tell The Truth. Judging from the questions about Bob Dylan, this episode probably aired in late 1965 or 1966. Butterfield's debut album was released in 1965 and the band also backed Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival in July of 1965. That album and the appearance with Dylan created a buzz about Butterfield that went beyond the music world of Chicago.

You might have thought that they could find a stronger contestant than a wig salesman to be the third guest. Thanks to new friend and fan of the blog Mike C for sending me the link.

If you don't own the first album by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, you are missing one of the best blues albums of all time. See my post from August 23, 2008 for more about the band and the record. It is available on iTunes and from Amazon


  1. I went to iTunes today and downloaded the second Butterfield album, East-West. Had it in high school, loved it, but somehow never got it on CD.

    Terrific stuff; my favorite Butterfield.

  2. Great clip.

    While the first two Butterfield Blues Bands LP's are classics, his "Live at Winterland" with Better Days is an excellent CD.