Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tell Me, Mama from Tour 66

Following up on my last post, here is a video clip from Eat The Document of Bob playing Tell Me, Mama. I am not sure which stop on the Tour 66 this is from, but it captures the volume and the intensity of the music from that tour.

If you have not seen Eat The Document in it's entirety, you are missing one of the great rock and roll movies of all time.


  1. A great movie indeed! Saw the first showing at The Academy of Music years ago. I was second on line and A.J. Webberman was third. That man could talk your ears off. Please release it on DVD!!!

  2. Wasn't Paris the only performance where the flag was used?

  3. What a trip to see it at the Academy of Music. Bravo! I use to buy bootlegs from A. J. What a weird cat he was.

    I believe you are correct about the flag. Think it was Paris only.

    Thanks for reading and your comments.