Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quail Season 2011-2012

I finished the season last Saturday with an old friend from Denver on a great hunt near Benavides, Texas. JV just bought a ranch there from another friend of mine. It was fun to hunt an old familiar place with a proud new owner. Even better than that, we saw a lot of birds.

A front came through with a bit of rain in the early morning hours so the day was cool and the ground was wet. The dogs worked well and we saw 20 big coveys on the day. It was the perfect hunt to give hope and raise our spirits for next season. Maybe the quail world as we know it is not coming to an end.

Now the shotguns are in the safe and my gear is put away. The bird dogs are in the kennel and the labs are back at the house. Robe is very depressed. The worst season in the last 30 years is in the books. We have already had some good rain this year and I am looking forward to next season.


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